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The sales process is something we all go through every time we consider a new purchase.

We can’t get away from it. All of us experience it, few of us understand it, and even less of us integrate it properly into our own 'Sales and Marketing'.

Does your 'Holiday Home' sales journey have gaps?

The 'Overview' stage.
The 'Further info' stage.
The 'In depth details' stage.
The 'Showground sales appointment' stage.
Let's Start!
And make sure you have everything covered...

The 'Overview' stage.

‘I’m just looking right now’
At this early stage your prospects are at the beginning of their buying journey, which means the 'nitty gritty' details are NOT overly important to them just yet!

They first want big picture information.
And chances are you have this covered already in your marketing with the following:
  • Nice website
  • Glossy brochures
  • Beautiful photography
At this stage information gathering for your prospects is 'light and easy' for them to take in and decide what to do next.
Well done! You’re one step closer to a sale.
But you already know this! So what else could be missing?

We call this, the 'Further Info' stage.

‘I like this model from your range enough, to want know a little more’.
When we get a little more interested, we move along the sales process and now your prospects have more questions... They want more details.

And if you can’t satisfy them with this information they will go elsewhere (most likely to a competitor) to find it.
But don’t worry, we think you may already have this covered too with:
  • Technical specs
  • PDF downloads
  • Floor plans
  • 360 degree walk through's
Phew! Another step closer to the sale.

This is the all-important ‘In-depth details' stage.

‘I’ve narrowed it down and I really want to make sure this model is the right choice for me before I speak to a sales person or travel for a viewing.’
This is where a lot of business have a gap in their sales and marketing, and this is exactly where we fit in.

When the prospect moves along to the next stage in the sales process, they require IN DEPTH DETAIL to get them to take the most important next step of...

"Making an appointment with a salesperson at the showground".

So...Here is what we offer to make sure the prospect makes it all the way to seeing your sales team in person.

'Guided Tour' videos.


'Owner stories' videos.

These play a vital role in prevented early drop out of the sales cycle and here are the reasons you should add them into what you already do.
Firstly, you are improving on what your competitors provide (there’s a competitive advantage!) and more importantly you can improve your conversation rate by as much as 25% by investing in this often-missed stage.
The content within these videos provide the prospect with that extra information they are craving but are not getting. They want to see in every nook and cranny, they want perspective on storage size, see what it is like to lay on the bed, sit on the sofa, cook in the kitchen, take a shower.

And they have a knowledgeable and friendly face onscreen talking to them about all the features and benefits.
The more questions we can answer at this stage, the further along the sales cycle we can take your prospect. All of which is being done online and out of hours, in the comfort of their own home sat with their feet up scrolling through their phone whilst your sales team is off the clock.
It’s like they have been granted instant online access to your salesperson without any of the pressure and expectations of a real face to face appointment. Being provided with this personalised walk through of your model demonstrating the features & specs is the next best thing to having the prospect in the showground at a viewing appointment.
If they like what they see and hear, and they have not had this information or sales support from any other supplier then we have increased our probability of our prospects making an enquiry and giving your sales team a direct lead.
Providing prospects with this level of personal insight of your homes from the comfort of their home, dramatically increases the chance they will move to that all-important next stage…
Making an appointment and giving you the chance to do what you are already great at, and proudly show off your holiday homes and provide the support your customer needs to make the purchase.

This is how we increase conversion rates.

A video sales demonstration video does this and there are further benefits to:
  • Improves the online sales process and telephone enquiries process as videos are sent in advance and in preparation to their sales appointment
  • Upon the sales appointment the prospect is super knowledgeable about the product, saving your salesperson time going over the same ground. Making sales appointments shorter allowing you to fit more appointments or sales activity into the same day.
  • Improves consistency in sales as videos can be used to train salespeople about each model in your range.
And don’t forget the power of an emotional story from an owner to sell your product and the lifestyle that owning it has provided them.

Free from the stress of the rat race, a different pace of life. This is what your future owners want to hear and hearing it from an other like minded owner is an incredibly powerful first handed persuasion and completely trusted by the prospect.

Customer stories can provide a vision of their potential future and how owning a holiday home has changed their life for the better. What better way to make sure your model is the one they choose to purchase on the park than to have an owner speak about it on your behalf.

These types of stories together with the exciting detail of the sales demonstration videos are a powerful marketing tool often not used or considered but are a vital step in the Process.

We’d be glad to help you plug the gaps with Sales demonstration and Customer satisfaction videos.

The 'In depth details' stage.

If you recognise these gaps in your sales and marketing process and would like our team to help you increase conversions and supplement your current activity.

And if you want to make sure you are maximising your chances of beating out the competition to that all-important sale, then give us a call or drop us an email.

We’re here to help!

Our time-tested process for effective video pricing

We like to keep things simple with our pricing. We have a day rate and we have a editing time required per day filmed ratio.*

That's how we we price our jobs, Half days filming shoots are available for smaller jobs and tight budgets.

1 Day Filming = £600+VAT
Every 1 Day of Filming requires
2 days editing = £950+VAT

Total: £1,550

*Specialist equipment required to be hired in, would result in additional costs that would be discussed prior to any work being commissioned. Travel costs would also be discussed dependent of distance.



£1,300 +VAT