Branding 101: Learning the Basics

6 elements that shape your brand:


At the very heart of your business are the core values you believe in and operate by. These are reflected in your business practices, your mission statement, and even how you interact with your business community. 


Everyone knows that having a great reputation is priceless. When people read your blog where you’re freely sharing knowledge, you say something uplifting to a competitor, or you consistently produce high quality work, all those things go toward building a positive reputation. 


Your website is the online storefront for your business. When you look at it that way, you’re going to want to ensure your visitors can easily find out who you are, what you do, and feel comfortable navigating through all the content on your site. Make it easy for people to find information by keeping the design clean and avoiding dead-ends on pages.


When your clients give great feedback on how wonderful your products are services are, it’s very effective in reinforcing the reputation you have and strengthening the brand you’re building. It's one thing to say that you offer great services and that your clients can get great results, but it's much more valuable to have someone who's invested in you to speak from their personal experience.


The way you interact with your clients and handle the process of different projects also speak to your brand. Some people are very straightforward and no-nonsense, while others people try to build deep and meaningful working relationships with their clients. Whatever your approach, you’ll attract the types of clients who prefer a certain working style, and your testimonials and copywriting will help communicate that.


The way you write, whether it’s in emails or blog posts, can speak volumes about your brand. The tone you write with will convey a certain image to your readers, so make sure it’s the image you want. Do you want to be super friendly and helpful? Do you want to be sarcastic and sassy? Do you want to be very analytical and to-the-point? How do you feel about including stronger language, and how do you think your ideal audience will react to it? Copy writing is a powerful tool, so make sure you’re using it in a way that will strengthen and work well with the other components within your brand.

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