Marketing yourself: What next?

Once you’ve got a brand identity, you need to share it with the world and to use it to market yourself. This isn’t just about advertising, it’s about how you portray yourself to others whenever your brand is on show. If you want people to trust your brand, or use your service, you need to create a presence that stays relevant, active and represents your values in a positive way. Consider physical advertising, as well as your online presence, and make sure it’s consistent across both platforms. If you choose to advertise yourself on some form of outdoor media for example, you want customers to be able to find you when your ad is out of sight. More often than not the first thing they’ll do is look for you on the web. Which means your URL needs to be clear and when any potential customers visit your website it is recognisable as yours.


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits, and sells itself.” Peter Drucker


97% of web users use online media when researching products or services in their local area, comprising up to 7.9 different media sources to help them get the answers they are looking for.

A website needs visitors, it is its lifeblood, the hard work and expense of building and maintaining a website is wasted without them. More importantly a website should not just be attracting customers, but converting them to actual sales.


Internet marketing, increases brand awareness, informs customers, motivates and persuades your audience. A great way to advertise yourself directly to potential customers is to send out a regular email campaign. This is an effective way to keep customers up to date and informed about upcoming offers or events. The emails you send out need to immediately engage your customer to prevent it from being ignored. Formatting is important to avoid emails landing straight in the junk folder. Imagery is essential, as this will draw the reader’s attention to the content before they’ve read a single word. This needs to be followed up with a simple, yet catchy title that sums up the email, so they can choose whether to read on. For the best results there needs to be consistency with the branding; this way each time you send one your audience knows who it’s from straight away. The great thing about email campaigns is that you can measure their success by seeing who opens them, their bounce back rate and how many click throughs to your website you receive.


Your website is the central HUB of communication for your brand. It will be most customers’ first port of call and be populated with relevant information, such as offers, events, and interesting news. It should complement your offline marketing activities and work towards converting web visits to sales. The increasing use of mobile devices and the requirement for instant website updates means your website needs to operate on the most up-to-date platform possible, be responsive to mobile and desktop screen sizes, and use a content management system that is easy for the marketing team to update. Whilst we are happy to provide design solutions alone for third party web developers to implement, it’s worth taking the time to discuss further what we can do for you in this area. We’re sure you’ll be surprised what we can offer, after all, our own in-house web developers have been building websites for over 10 years.


Don’t limit yourself to advertising digitally. Promote your company the old-fashioned way, it’s a great way to get noticed out and about. Billboards, bus stops and press ads are just a few examples of where you can advertise yourself. Whether you’re hosting an event, an exhibition, or promo day, you’ll need creatives to spread the word and they need to be consistent across your print advertising and digital media. Make sure your customers know what you’re advertising with clear, direct messaging and supporting imagery. If applicable, use product or model shots alongside your brand colours to showcase the things your business has to offer. Draw people in and then point them to your website. This way they can find out more about you without it all needing to be crammed into the limited space available.


Small format printing

Our in house presses means we can be responsive to your small format print requirements with almost immediate effect. Whether it be scheduled events or full campaigns, we can help with everything from leaflets, brochures and posters to business cards. We offer a traditional litho service for large print runs and a digital service for short runs and last minute orders.


Large format printing

Our large format press is incredibly flexible and provides large format printing on a wide range of substrates, including: large posters, window, wall and even floor vinyl, signage, vehicle graphics and full wraps. We print for a wide range of industries.


Fitting service

We have a team of fitters operating nationally. They are responsible for fitting window vinyl, wall vinyl, signage and vehicle graphics as well as more bespoke vinyl application such as floor graphics, lift doors and large hoardings. Between our design team and fitters we can also create stunning and innovative 3D window displays.

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