How do your brand and brand identity work together?


So, go ahead and take a close look at your brand, the heart and soul of your business, and run through the different elements that make up a brand to make sure they all line up. Next, take that impression of your business and see how it fits the brand identity you currently have. Does it mesh well, or are there conflicting elements? Are they things you can easily fix like using a consistent color palette or editing your photos to all have a similar look? Or do you need a new brand identity designed? 

What is a brand identity?

If a brand is the soul of your business, then think of the brand identity as the body. The brand, or visual, identity is the physical, exterior look of your business, which should work to complement the brand you’ve built for your business. Your brand identity is going to draw people in and give them visual cues about your brand, and it’s typically going to be the first impression someone has of your business. Your brand identity also acts as a trigger for people's associations, experiences, memories, stories, etc. that they have with your business's brand. 

6 elements that shape a brand identity:


Your logo is your identifying mark, and it’s the foundation the rest of your brand identity is built off of. When people have an experience with your business, they’ll see your logo and it’ll conjure up memories, stories, and different feelings that they associate with your brand.


Having a consistent color palette to use across the width and breadth of your brand identity will work to solidify your image in people’s minds. Color is also a powerful tool that can be used to convey different moods, so be sure to select colors that work well together and reflect the personality and attitude you want your business to embody.


The font choice for your brand identity can have a stronger impact than you may think a bunch of letters in different forms would. Each font has it’s own personality and gives off a certain impression. Choose fonts for your brand identity that complement your brand and the type of business you’re running. By keeping these consistent, it’ll work with other branding elements, like the color palette and imagery, to become a visual indicator of your business.


Photographs, icons, and patterns are all very handy tools to use in creating a full and cohesive brand identity. The way photos are edited (high-key with pops of color or low-key and moody), the ways icons are designed, and the use of pattern all work as elements that strengthen your visual identity and give it your special mark. By having a variety of imagery within your brand identity arsenal, the more versatility you have and the more creative you can get.


When creating a cohesive and recognizable brand identity, you need to make sure the pieces you’re producing fit within all the parameters you’ve set up. Blog post graphics are a great example of how your colors, fonts, and imagery all come together in a way that is a good representation of your brand. You want to remain consistent, so that when people see it floating in an ocean of pins on Pinterest they're able to recognize it as yours. Get creative with how you combine your typography with your color palette and patterns or icons or photographs.


Your social media profiles provide a great opportunity to build and reinforce your brand identity. By keeping your branding in the back of your mind at all times, you’ll be more particular about the quality of things you post and how it’ll tie in with the experience you’re building for people who come in contact with your business.

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